Armenians in Egypt – Alexandria

This Google Map shows the main religious and cultural sites for the Armenian community in Egypt today, focused on the once cosmopolitan port of Alexandria and the capital Cairo. The sites on the map are believed to be extant today and also for much of the C20th.

The marked sites include Armenian Catholic and Armenian Apostolic Church buildings and cemetries, plus a few cultural associations such as sports clubs and schools.

This particular post is the first of two and focuses upon Alexandria. Below is a list of prominent Armenians taken from a French-language 1930 trade directory. The Armenian population of Alex may have been as high as 30,000 at that date so, of course, any extract from a commercial directory invariably captures only a very small percentage of the overall population. However, it gives some idea of the families in town and of how their surnames were transliterated using French orthographic standards (which, naturally, differ from the English – for example, favouring ch- where English would use sh-).

It is not possible to map the given addresses on the Google Map, as the street plan of Alexandria has changed – by which is meant not so much that street names have changed (although of course many if not most have) but that the layout of the city has altered in places so that a street extant in 1930 may no longer have a counterpart today. However, most of the streets given in the extract of Armenians of Alexandria can be found in the Attarine, Labbane and Manchieh districts of the city on old maps. A very nice map can be found online (at the time of writing), on which a researcher should be able to find most of the streets listed in the extract.

Acdarian, Ohannes, rue Abou Dardar 20, iron & metal dealer, builders’ supplies
Acdarian, Ohannes, rue anc. Douane 8, tobacco merchant
Adjemian, H & A, rue Pirona 1, sales representatives
Adourian, Missak N, rue Mosquée Attarine 26, sewing machines
Agatcherakian, Kerope, rue Sarafia, jeweller
Aghadjian, -, rue Okelle Lemoun 8, colonial goods
Aharonian, Ohannes, rue Okelle Lemoun 40, sales representative
Ajamian, Ag., rue des Soeurs 9 sales representative
Allaverdi, Garabed, rue 1er Khédive 27, doctor & gynaecologist
Anlyan, Armand, Midan Saad-Zaghloul 2 sales representative
Anlyan, G J, rue Nubar pacha 18, novelties
Anlyan, G J, rue de France 13 & r. Nubar pacha 13, tailors’ supplies
Anlyan, Garabet J, Place Ste Catherine 17 & rue de France 13, drapery & textiles
Antonian, Leon, rue Fouad 1er 6, carpet merchant
Apkarian, V N, Misr Pharmacy, rue Attarine 86, pharmacist
Arakel, S Diarby, rue de France 2, textiles
Arissian, K A, rue Tewfik 27, tailor
Arissian, S, boulevard Ramleh 17, tailor
Aronian, Hiram, rue Mahmoud pacha el Falaki 7, lawyer
Artin & Benon, Station Ibrahime 37, electrical supplies
Artinian, K, rue Averoff 10, photographer
Avakian, Ch., rue de France 15, textiles
Avakian, G H, rue de France 10, manufacturer
Avakian, Sarkis, rue de France 33, textiles
Azarian, A, rue Abou Dardar 20, cement manufacturer, iron & metal dealer, builders’ supplies
Baghdadlian, Hovsep, rue Mogharba 46, haberdasher
Baghdalian, T, rue de France, passage Ghanem, tailor
Bahodian, J A, rue Anastassi 1, confection
Baikian, Hagop, rue Abou-Dardar 7, mechanical workshop
Bardizbanian, Barur, avenue Prince Ibrahim. imm. du Dr Kudian, architect
Barmaksian, I, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 23, furniture
Barsamian, Hampar & Co, place Mohamed Aly (Okelle Monferrato), hides & skins & sales representatives
Basmajian, Stefan, boulevard Ramleh 30, jeweller
Bedrossian, Norhad, rue des Etudiants 3, sales representative
Berberian, Aram, rue de la Poste 3, engraver & zincographer
Berberian, Levon, rue Eglise Maronite 6, imm. Nossier, sales representative
Bohdajlian, -, rue Tekiet el-Kalchani 5, shoemaking supplies
Bohdjelian, Boghos, rue Hamman-el-Warcha 41, sales representative
Bostanian, A, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 24, household utensils
Boyadjian, Hrant, Majestic Photo Studio, boulevard Ramleh 11, photographer
Bouktchadjian, Callouste, rue Souk el-Saiaref 35, jeweller
Caramanian, Ardaches, rue de France 6, doctor
Cazazian, M, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 3, advertising agency
Chaldjian, S, rue Mosquée Attarine 19, textiles & manufacturing
Chalvardjian, M, rue 1er Khédive 24, flour merchant
Chaninian, brothers, rue Fouad 1er, 31, jewellers
Chorlian, Gregory, rue Mahmoud-pacha el-Falaki 7, surgeon
Cracerian, brothers, rue Mosquée Attarine 87, cigarette manufacturers & sales representatives
Croubalian, Ohanig J, rue Séostris 3, tobacco merchant
Darmanian, -, rue Okelle Lemoun 8, colonial goods
Darmanian, H, rue Attarine 39, coffee trader
Darmanian, S K, rue Souk el-Tabbakhine 2, coffee trader & colonial goods
Dayan, C, rue Mosquée Attarine 19, haberdasher
Dayan, Zaki R, rue Souk el-Siaref, tailor
Demian, Tadros, rue de la Poste 1, lawyer
Demirgian, -, rue Eglise Copte 9, sales representative
Demirgian, Ph., rue Souk el-Siaref 14, parfumier
Develian, H, rue Eglise Copte 26, transportation
Develian, H & Co, rue Eglise copte 26, sales representatives
Develian, Mehran D H, rue Cheikh Soliman pacha 2, sales representative
Diskinian, brothers, rue Souk el-Kheit, novelties
Djiverdjian, G, rue Port-Est, sales representative
Enokian, Mme A, rue Fouad 1er El-Akkadine 9, haberdasher
Enokian, L, rue Champollion 1, travel office
Enokian, L, midan Saad-Zaghloul 1, sales representative
Fessalian, Khatchik, rue Stamboul 11, jeweller
Gagarian, Sahag, Stamboul Pharmacy, place Mohamed Aly 14, pharmacist
Gamsaragan, A, succursale d’Alexandrie, rue Toussoun Pacha 1, cigarette manufacturers
Garabedian, Mehran, rue Farahdé 27, mechanical sawmill
Garabet, Arakel, boulevard Saad Zaghloul 20, doctor
Geundjian, Levon A, rue Souk-el-Kheit 1, tailor
Ghazarian, Aris, rue Mawlia Mohamed, shoemaking supplies
Ginivisian, brothers, rue Tewfik 29, photographic supplies
Goudsousian / Goudsouzian, Stepan, rue Mosquée Attarine 11, shoemaking supplies, hides & skins
Goudsouzian, brothers, rue de France, shoemaking supplies
Groubalian, Jacques J, rue Sésostris 3, tobacco merchant
Groubalian, Ohanig J, rue Sésostris 3, tobacco merchant
Hampartzoumian, H K, rue Souk el-Saiaref, jeweller
Hekimian, Meguerdiche, rue Souk el-Kheit, haberdasher
Hovaghimian, H & D, rue Ishak el-Nadim 2, steelworks, iron & metal dealer, builders’ supplies
Ichlemedjian, Hrand, rue Souk el-Saiaref 11, jeweller
Ichlemedjian, O, rue de France 31, jeweller
Ipekdjian, A, rue de France 16, jeweller
Ipekian, Kevork, Moharrem bey, tobacco merchant
Ipekian, Kevork, rue Toussoun Pacha, cigarette manufacturer
Ismirlian, Ch. M, rue Chérif pacha (passage Artinoff), tobacco merchant
Jigamian, H, rue Abou-Dardar 20, builders’ supplies
Kadifian, Ohannes, bureau Eastern Company, rue Toussoun-pacha 1, tobacco merchant
Kaldjian, Y, rue Mosquée Attarine 44, dentist
Kalfayan, K V, rue Salah el-Dine 36, dentist
Kalinian, Khoren Mardiros, rue Midan 4 or 8, doctor, eye specialist
Kamadjian, Hagop, rue Missallah 11, carpet merchant
Kancachian, K, rue Sidi-Metwalli 40, sales representative
Kaprelian, Ohannes, rue 1er Khédive 33, musical instruments
Karayan, Keton, rue Souk el-Saiaref, jeweller
Karnikian, G, rue Sinan-pacha 2, sales representative
Karnikian, -, rue Gameh el-Cheikh 4, sales representative
Kassabian, Aram, rue Salah el-Dine 17, printer
Kassardjian, Garabed, Midan Saad-Zaghloul 3, zincographer
Kassardjian, Garabed, rue Champollion 3, sales representative
Kavadjian, brothers, rue Souk Sarafieh 10, jeweller
Kavoukdjian, brothers, rue Souk el-Siaref 10, engravers
Kayarian, Kevork, rue Tousson-pacha 1, lawyer
Kayarian, Levon, rue Tousson-pacha 1, dentist
Kechichian, Artin, rue el-Midan 27, grain merchant & colonial goods
Kechichian, Hohannes, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 22, chemist
Kechichian, Mario M S, rue Mosquée Attarine 16, bazaar & novelties
Kegham, Nazareth, rue Mosquée Attarine 91, dentist
Keludjian, Maassab & Frank, rue Souk el-Tabbakhine 6, sales representatives
Ketchian, G, rue Abou-Dardar 5, sales representative
Khandjian, Frangul, rue Neuve 9, sales representative
Kirchmayen, A, rue Fouad 1er 10, engraver
Kludjian, Nigol, rue 1er Khédive 33, surgeon & urologist
Kourounian, Agop, rue Souk el-Saiaref 14, jeweller
Kouyoudjian, Papel A, rue Souk el-Siaref 12, jeweller
Kudian, A, place Mohamed Aly 17, dentist
Kulhandjian, Mihran, rue de France 38, tailor & tailors’ supplies
Kupelian, brothers, Souk el-Saiaref 11, jewellers
Kurdjian, Artin, rue Souk el-Saiaref, jeweller
Kurkdjian, Haig, rue de France 15, manufacturer
Kurkudjian, Haig & Co, rue de France 15, sales representatives
Kutchukian, Armenak, rue des Soeurs 7, household utensils
Kyrzaiank, -, rue de France, passage Ghaem, aniline dyes
Levonian, M, rue Bab Sidra 24, doctor
Malkhassian, G & Co, rue Hammam el-Warcha 41, butter merchants
Malkhassian, brothers S & D, rue Masguid el-Cheikh Ibrahim Pasha 3, oil trader
Manoukian, K, rue Gameh el-Cheikh 4, sales representative
Manoukian, K, rue Souk El-Kheit 1, silks, haberdashery & novelties
Manoukian, K, rue Souk El-Kheit 2, manufacturer
Manoukian, Krikor, Souk El-Kheit, textiles
Manoukian, Movses, rue Salah el-Dine 10, colonial goods
Manoukian, Vartan, rue Souk el-Tork, antiquities
Margossian, V, rue Souk el-Kanto 3, hosiery
Markarian & Son, rue église-Copte 2, foodstuffs
Marmarian, S, rue Peluse 1, Ibrahimieh, doctor
Matossian, Leon Oh., boulevard Sultan-Hussein 30, tobacco merchant
Matossian, -, Société Anonyme des Tabacs & Cigarettes, rue Toussoun pacha 1, cigarette manufacturers & tobacco merchants
Mazloumian, brothers, Souk el-Saiaref 15, jewellers
Melkonian, K & G, midan Saad-Zaghloul 1, cigarette manufacturers
Melkonian, K & G, rue Toussoun-pacha 1, tobacco merchants
Minassian, Missak, rue Attarine 43, jeweller
Moughalian, Garabet & Son, Port-Est 10, sales representatives
Moughalian, Monhegh A, rue Eglise Maronite 5, watchmaker
Moughalian, Pierre, rue Souk el-Kanto 1, hides & skins
Mouradian, Khosroff, rue Thébes 129, sales representatives
Nadjarian, D A, rue Masguid el-Terbana 9, dentist
Nalbantian, L, rue Eglise Debbané 7, tailor
Nazaretian, Artin N & Son, rue du 1er Khédive 4, grain merchants, cigarette manufacturers & colonial goods
Niziblian, N, rue Stamboul 25, dentist
Odabachian, Aram N, rue de France 17, textiles
Ohanessian, Garabed, rue de France 6, textiles
Ohanessian, -, rue Tekiet el-Kalchani 5, shoemaking supplies
Ohanian, B Onnig, rue église Arménienne, iron & metal dealer
Oharian, Ohanes, rue Midan 8, colonial goods
Oundjian, brothers, rue Souk el-Serafia 1, jewellers
Ovaghimian, J A, rue Colucci pacha 3, sales representative & transportation
Palayan, G, rue de la Poste 1, dentist
Papasian, -, rue Fouad 1er, succ. Boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 9, pianos & musical instruments
Papazian, Armenag, rue Souk el-Tork, antiquities
Papazian, G H, rue Mahmoud pacha el-Falaki, textiles
Papazian, G H, rue Sésostris 12, tailor
Papazian, P L, Duz & Co, rue Farouk 43, sales representative
Paresequian, Moses, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 24, furniture
Parsokian, brothers, rue Port-Est 24, shoe manufacturers
Pembedjian, Jean, rue St Mark 1, colonial goods & sales representative
Raphaelian, N, rue Sésostris 17, jeweller
Sabondjian, Onnig, rue Colucci pacha 9, sales representative
Sahebian, H, rue cheikh Soliman pacha 3, tailor
Sarafian, A, rue Tewfik 12, tailor
Sarkissian, Y, rue Mahmoud pacha el-Falaki 3, typewriters
Satelmichian, Artin B, rue Nubar pacha 10, foodstuffs
Savinien, Arman & Co, rue Mission Américaine, furniture
Savinien, H, rue Gare-du-Caire 2, gunsmith & sales representative
Sellian, -, Sellian Photo Studio, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 21, photographer
Semerdjian, A, rue de France, passage Ghaem, aniline dyes
Semizian, M, rue des Soeurs 45, jeweller
Seropian, Nubar, rue Selim Kaptan 14, dentist
Sexenian, H M, boulevard Saad Zaghloul 19, tobacco merchant
Simidian, Missak P, rue de France 41, confection
Sirakian, Sirag, rue Sidi Metwalli 6, architect
Solakian, Artin H, rue Souk el-Kheit, haberdasher
Stephanian, S D, rue Attarine 26, jeweller
Tachdjian, Ohannes, rue Mosquée Attarine 91, surgeon, gynaecologist & male midwife
Tachtadjian / Tahtadjian, Hagop N, rue Caied Gohar 6, grain merchant & colonial goods
Tamiguian, Tamig H, rue Farouk 38, sales representative
Taritian, Kevork H, rue des Soeurs 21, jeweller
Tashdjian, S H, rue Nubar pacha 18, household utensils
Tchakerian, A, rue Cheikh Soliman pacha 1, tailor
Tcheirchkezian, Abraham H, rue Souk el-Attarine 5, timber merchant
Tchekezian, Abraham H, rue Souk el-Attarine 5, ropemaker
Tellalian, Mme K, rue Toussoun pacha 19, lingerie, haberdashery & novelties
Tellalian, Khatchik V, rue Mahmoud-pacha el-Falaki 9, printer & stationer
Tellalian, Pascal, rue Tousson pacha 19, electrical supplies
Telyian, Simon, rue Centrale, tailor
Ternanian, brothers, rue Mosquée Attarine 64, jewellers
Teopilian, M, rue Bolanachi 4, lawyer
Terzian, brothers, rue Missalla 3, colonial goods
Topouzian, brothers T & K, rue Nubar pacha 7, opticians
Toughladjian, F, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 11, chemist
Toughladjian, Gerard, rue Toussoun-pacha 7, surgeon & genitourinary specialist
Toupouzian, brothers T & K, rue Nubar pacha 7, jewellers
Tutundjian bey (Télémaque), rue église Debbane 2, lawyer
Tutundjian, A, brothers, rue de l’Ancienne Bourse, 18, cigarette manufacturers & tobacco merchants
Tutundjian, A, brothers, rue de l’Ancienne Bourse, Tutundjian Buildings, colours & varnishes
Vartian, M, rue Ibrahim 1er 2, photographer
Vassilian, Alexandre, place Mohamed Aly, 17, doctor, male midwife, dermatologist & genitourinary specialist
Yemendjian, M A, rue Souk el-Kheit 3, haberdasher
Yessayan, O, boulevard Saad-Zaghloul 24, antiques & carpet merchant
Youseffian, Mihran, Souk el-Sarafia 12, jeweller
Youssouffian, J A, rue de France 17, jeweller
Youssoufian, Wanes, rue Mosquée Attarine 15, dentist


Alex Armenian neighbourhoods, 1930

The above screenshot shows the principal Armenian neighbourhoods in Alexandria in 1930.



Albanian place names in Chameria (Çamëria)

This Google Map shows the Albanian settlements in the part of Chameria – Çamëria in Albanian – that found itself on the Greek side of the international border after the Balkan War of 1912. Administratively, today Chameria mostly falls within the Thesprotia prefecture of Epirus.

The map does not purport to show all such Cham towns and villages. Many smaller villages and hamlets have been abandoned and are not easy to locate on modern maps. However, the majority of the larger and more culturally significant settlements should be found.

The place names on the map are those used by the Chams but are not necessarily of Albanian-language origin – some clearly have Greek or Slavic roots and the Albanian name is simply an Albanian orthographic variant. However, many do have Albanian etymology and are testimony to the region’s deep Albanian past, a heritage which has been depleted by persecution, emigration (to Albania, Turkey and beyond) and Greece’s official place name changes.

Note too that there may not be a single definitive Albanian place name – please bear in mind Albanian grammar (definite and indefinite noun endings apply to proper nouns such as places) and phonetic variations, the fact that Cham is a dialect of the southern Tosk variety of the Albanian language and that the Albanian language had not been subject to standardisation at the point at which this territory was lost to Greece.


Bektashi sufi lodges in Albania, 1910s

This Google Map shows the location of each Albanian Bektashi lodge – teqe in Albanian, tekke in Turkish – identified in Frederick William Hasluck’s “Christianity and Islam Under The Sultans” – specifically, in part III, chapter XLII 10 (“Geographical distribution of the Bektashi – Albania”).

F W Hasluck died in 1920 and his book was first published in 1929, edited by his widow Margaret Hasluck, who was a scholar in her own right, fascinated by the Bektashi, and lived for some 13 years in Elbasan, Albania after his death.

Hasluck attributed the spread and success of Bektashism in Albania to the influence of Ali Pasha, known as Ali Pashë Tepelenjoti in Albanian, the Albanian governor of the pashalik of Yanina (modern Ioannina in Greece). Hasluck estimated that up to 90% of the Muslims in southern Albania were affiliated to the Bektashi during the C19th.

It’s unlikely that Hasluck’s account, ambitious as it was, enumerated every teqe in Albania in the 1910s. The undertaking would have been made more difficult by the destruction and damage to teqes and other Islamic heritage after the 1912-1913 Balkan Wars when the Greeks occupied Epirus. In some cases, the site he mentions was without a teqe, having merely a tyrbja (türbe in Turkish) – these sites were included either because Hasluck regarded the tyrbja as important or because he suspected that a teqe would develop organically at the site.

The Bektashi sites have been pinpointed to the precise location where the teqe survives and could be located on a modern map; in other cases, where this was not possible, the Google Map pin is simply centred in the village. Place names are as per modern Albanian, rather than the older versions (sometimes phonetic) used by the Haslucks in their study.