Albanian place names in Chameria (Çamëria)

This Google Map shows the Albanian settlements in the part of Chameria – Çamëria in Albanian – that found itself on the Greek side of the international border after the Balkan War of 1912. Administratively, today Chameria mostly falls within the Thesprotia prefecture of Epirus.

The map does not purport to show all such Cham towns and villages. Many smaller villages and hamlets have been abandoned and are not easy to locate on modern maps. However, the majority of the larger and more culturally significant settlements should be found.

The place names on the map are those used by the Chams but are not necessarily of Albanian-language origin – some clearly have Greek or Slavic roots and the Albanian name is simply an Albanian orthographic variant. However, many do have Albanian etymology and are testimony to the region’s deep Albanian past, a heritage which has been depleted by persecution, emigration (to Albania, Turkey and beyond) and Greece’s official place name changes.

Note too that there may not be a single definitive Albanian place name – please bear in mind Albanian grammar (definite and indefinite noun endings apply to proper nouns such as places) and phonetic variations, the fact that Cham is a dialect of the southern Tosk variety of the Albanian language and that the Albanian language had not been subject to standardisation at the point at which this territory was lost to Greece.