Sites associated with the Sufi saint Sari Saltik Baba

The C13th Bektashi Sufi saint is venerated in several places in the Balkans, as well as Anatolia.

Both Muslims and Christians come to the sites in the Balkans, where he is sometimes identified with a Christian saint such as St Naum and especially St Nicholas. One feature of the shrines is that non-orthodox acts of devotion take place, such as tying strips of cloth to trees and making votive offerings during prayer.

Tradition holds that Sari Saltik Baba asked that, when he died, his body be washed and seven coffins prepared, in each of which his body would appear. More than seven sites with a claim are shown on the Google Map.


Sufi lodges in Kosova

This Google Map shows the location of Sufi dervish lodges in Kosovo during the late 1980s / early 1990s, while the territory was still a constituent part of Serbia but shortly before the first self-proclaimed state of the Republic of Kosova in 1992.

The colour of the pins denotes the Sufi order to which the lodges belong – e.g red for lodges of the Halveti order, yellow for Sadi lodges.



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