The Kists of Georgia

This Google Map shows the heartland of the Kist people in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia. The Kisti are ethnic Chechens and speak the Kistian dialect of Chechen (as well as, these days, Georgian).

They migrated to the Pankisi valley from Chechnya in the mid-C19th, probably to avoid pressure to convert to Islam. At that time, they professed their own Vainakh faith, which contained syncretic beliefs with pre-monotheistic roots and an admixture of Christianity. The location of a pre-Christian Anatori Jvari shrine sacred to the Kists is shown, with a blue pin, on the map.

Kist villages are shown with green pins on the map. A high proportion of the Kists of the village of Birkiani are Christian. At Jokolo, there is a church dedicated to St George and there was formerly a chapel in Omalo. Kists attend the annual Alaverdobi harvest festival at the Georgian Orthodox monastery of Alaverdi each September. Those Kists who have left the Pankisi valley and settled in Georgian towns such as Telavi tend to assimilate as Georgian Orthodox Christians.

For the most part, however, today the Kists are Sunni Muslim, albeit with an unorthodox colouring. The Kists’ main place of worship is the Sunni mosque in Duisi. There are three other modern mosques, constructed from 1996-2001 with outside finance. Duisi also has a shariat court. In these circumstances, it is likely that there will be tensions within the Kist community between those wanting to apply a strict interpretation of Islam and those with syncretic leanings or who are Christian.


The Hunzibs of Dagestan & Georgia

This Google Map shows the distribution of Hunzib settlement in the Caucasus. The Hunzibs are ethnically Avar and Sunni Muslim highlanders. They have their own Hunzib language, although the number of speakers is under 5,000 and quite possibly under 2,500.

The heartland of the Hunzib people is in Dagestan, in the cluster of three villages, shown in blue, near Tlyadal: Garbutl, Gunzib and Nakhada. There were or are smaller settlements in this vicinity, either hamlets or neighbourhoods of the main villages (small as they themselves are) also occupied by Hunzibs: these are Gelo, Khelada, Novaya Nakhada, Novo Garbutl, Rodor, and Todor. It is possible that one or two of these are alternative names for one of the main villages, just as Gunzib, or parts of it, seems to have been known as Darbal or Darbali and/or Rodol at one time (or perhaps in a different tongue).

There is no letter “h” in Russian; it is replaced by “g”. Dagestan, as part of the Russian Federation, officially uses the Russian language and hence Hunzib (the ethnos) is identical with Gunzib (the village).

Hunzibs live additionally in two large villages in the Kizilyurt district of north-eastern Dagestan (marked with purple pins on the map). These places were not settled by Hunzibs until the C20th, possibly as a result of disruption and displacement during Soviet times.

The three villages in Georgia, marked with red pins, are home to numbers of Avars including Hunzibs – the village of Saruso is a majority Hunzib settlement. These places are shown on the map under their official Georgian names followed by their Avar/Hunzib names – for example, Saruso is the Georgian and Khaladukh the Hunzib name.


The Pshavi of Georgia

The Google Map shows the location of the villages of Pshavi, the historic inhabitants of which were the Pshavs or Pshavi, a highland Georgian people with their own distinct dialect and customs.

The villages in the traditional Pshavi heartland are indicated with blue pins, while the yellow pins plot villages in lower Pshavi.

While the larger villages can be placed with complete confidence, the location of some of the smallest settlements or hamlets is approximate only. Different sources and print and online maps show different sites for them and sometimes do not show them at all. In some cases, a hamlet is either very small or abandoned, perhaps comprising a few scattered ruins, and is not visible using satellite imagery such as Google’s, even at the highest available zoom.



The Georgian Jews

This Google Map shows the Jewish communities, past and present, of Georgia, including two sites in breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The mapping does not purport to be complete and comprehensive, although all the main centres of population and synagogues should be shown. It is likely that there were smaller communities, or one or two Georgian Jewish families, elsewhere across the country, for instance as part of trading networks along the routes of the so-called Silk Road.

Where possible, the exact locations of synagogues and cemeteries have been pinpointed; elsewhere, a pin has simply been dropped onto the town or village as a general marker. Synagogues are shown with a Star of David.

These days, there are more Georgian Jews (or Gruzinim) in Israel than there are in the Republic of Georgia. The Georgian Jewish diaspora extends to America and Russia, of course, but also Belgium, Germany and elsewhere. As well as the Gruzinim, there was a growing population of Ashkenazi Jews in Georgia (and especially the capital Tbilisi or Tiflis) following its incorporation into the Russian Empire. Formerly, there were also Mountain Jews and Persian or Iranian Jews too in Georgia, and the latter had for a while their own synagogue in Tbilisi.


The Batsbi of Georgia

The Google Map shows the Batsbi, or Tsova-Tushebi, a highland people who are thought to have moved into what is today Georgia from Ingushetia, possibly so as to avoid pressure to convert to Islam but equally possibly due to demographic pressures (population expansion and a need for grazing) or natural disaster.

Once in Georgia, initially they settled in the village of Chontio, which is situated within the Pirikiti community. Chontio is where the historic ancestral cemetery of the Batsbi was located.

From Chontio, they founded the Tsova community: the eight villages in the Tsova Gorge, shown with blue pins on the Google Map. From the early 1830s, following catastrophic flooding and an epidemic of disease (possibly plague), the Batsbi began abandoning their Tsova villages. Only four of the eight villages survived into the C20th: Etelta, Indurta (the largest), Sagirta and Tsaro. This movement followed the pattern of transhumance, initially with the the summer pasturing settlement at Tbatana, and then with the wintertime pasturing quarters in the (relative) lowland areas, increasingly being used as permanent places of abode. Ultimately, this culminated in the inhabitants of the four longest-surviving Tsova Gorge villages named above moving en masse to Zemo Alvani and settling in their own discrete neighbourhoods with their own places of worship. The Tsova Gorge settlements are all now in ruins.



For more information on the Batsbi and other peoples of the Caucasus, we recommend AJT Bainbridge’s excellent Batsav website.


Armenians in Israel & Palestine

This Google Map shows the Armenian Quarter of the old walled city of Jerusalem and other sites of Armenian settlement and interest across Israel and Palestine.

The sites within and around Jerusalem, including Gethsemane and Mount of Olives, are of course well known, as is the Armenian Apostolic Church’s role in the custodianship of such holy sites as the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Less well known are the small Armenian communities, most dating back to the aftermath of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, when Armenians were marched and fled south to Palestine as well as Syria, leading to the establishment of settlements in, for example, Jordan and Lebanon. The Israeli State tends to regard and treat the Armenian minority as if they were Palestinian. This is witnessed by the unrelenting encroachment upon the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem but also by the compulsory purchase of Armenian-owned land in Bethlehem, for instance (the Baron Der Orchard there was sacrificed to the Security Wall).

A little known Genocide survivor Armenian settlement was that at Sheik Brak, just inland near the town of Atlit, south of Haifa. This was effectively a refugee village without facilities which was never permitted to develop and eventually was abandoned. Today it is returning to nature, and there are a few remains of buildings and mid-C20th headstones amid the scrub and trees.


The Mountain Jews of Dagestan

This Google Map showing the Mountain Jews of the Republic of Dagestan, Russia is a companion to an earlier map showing the Mountain Jewish settlements in Azerbaijan. For the long 19th century and beyond, both Dagestan and Azerbaijan were part of Imperial Russia and then the Soviet Union (and of course, Dagestan still is a part of Russia), meaning that the border between them was of little significance.

Karchag is often described as a Mountain Jewish village in the vicinity of Quba in Azerbaijan but lies over the (modern) border in Dagestan.

Many of the Mountain Jewish (Juhurim) mountain villages or auls have now been abandoned, but most which were extant during the latter years of the C19th have been positively identified and marked on the map. A pin on the map does not imply an extant Jewish community.

The list below shows the Mountain Jewish villages of Dagestan recorded in the compendious Сборник сведений о кавказских горцах (or: Collection of Information on the Caucasus Highlanders) volume 3, published in Tbilisi (then Tiflis) in 1870. Chapter 3 within this volume is on the subject of the Mountain Jews and section V of this chapter is in the form of a statistical table giving the names of Mountain Jewish communities and their size (expressed as “smokes”, i.e. hearths – that is to say, households) plus the number of rabbis, synagogues and schools. To calculate the approximate population of a village, one might multiply the hearths by, say, 5, so therefore, for example, Tarki may have had a population of 250, Derbent of 1,000, and Magalis of 500 souls.


Russian name in 1870 Name on map hearths rabbis synagogues schools
Tarki Tarki 50 1 1 1
Buinaki   15 1 1 1
Karabudakhkent Karabudakhkent 18 1 1 1
Durgeli Dorgeli 25 1 1 1
Dzhengutay Dzhengutay 6 0 0 0
Temir-Khan-Shura Buynaksk 35 2 1 1
Chir-Yurt Kizilyurt 10 0 0 0
Derbent Derbent 200 1 2 7
Khoshmanzil Khoshmenzil 21 1 1 1
Aglabi Aglobi 6 0 0 0
Nyugdi-Myushkur Nyugdi 68 1 1 2
Rukel Rukel 30 0 1 0
Mugatir Mugarty 29 1 1 1
Maraga Maraga 16 1 1 1
Kheli-Penzhdi Kheli + Penzhdi 18 1 1 1
Gemeidi Gimeydi 22 1 1 1
Madzhalis Madzhalis (Majalis) 100 1 1 2
Yangikent Yangikent 116 2 2 2
Mamrach Sovetskoye 82 1 1 1
Khandzhal-Kala Novyy Usur 30 1 1 1
Arag Ashaga Yarak 87 1 1 2
Karchag Karchag 25 1 1 1
Imam-Kuli-Kent Imam-Kuli-Kent 11 0 0 0
Dzherakh Dzhara 20 1 1 1
Khasav-Yurt Khasavyurt 40 2 2 2
Andreevok Endirey 23 1 1 1
Kostek Kostek 37 1 1 1
Kazi-Yurt Kaziyurt 1 0 0 0
Aksay, or Tashkichu Aksay 81 2 1 2


The location of some known Mountain Jewish communities – such as Buinaki (which is not Buynaksk and was possibly a neighbourhood or outlying village of Makhachkala now swallowed up by the city) – has not yet been established.

The Mountain Jewish population of Dagestan, like that of Azerbaijan, is now much reduced, by emigration within Russia and beyond to Israel and North America.


The Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan

This Google Map is entitled The Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan but shows the distribution of both the true Caucasian Mountain Jewish settlements and, additionally, those of other Jewish communities in the country – Ashkenazi in Baku and the Russian Orthodox to Jewish convert sects known as the Gerim and Subbotniki.

Formerly there were many Mountain Jewish (Juhurim) mountain villages or auls but most of these have now been abandoned. A few of these have been identified and are plotted on the map. Note that a pin does not necessarily imply an extant surviving Jewish community. Indeed, the approximate location of the long-abandoned historic settlement of Kulgat is shown (to the WSW of Quba, between the villages of Küpçal and Qaladüz). Kulgat has been included because some accounts on the internet either imply it still exists or assert that it is merely an earlier name for the apparently still entirely Jewish town of Qirmizi Qasaba (Krasnaya Sloboda) across the river from Quba. In fact, Kulgat was the precursor of the town, and Sloboda was founded and populated by Jews who had abandoned Kulgat in the mid-C18th; there is, or was, a neighbourhood named after it.

There are various references to Karchag as a Mountain Jewish village in the vicinity of Quba in Azerbaijan. In fact, Karchag is over the (modern) border in Dagestan, Russia.

The location of some known Mountain Jewish communities – such as Chipkent and Devit – has not yet been established.

The Mountain Jewish population of Azerbaijan is much reduced, mostly by emigration. As well as movement from the traditional mountain auls and towns to the cities of Baku and Quba, there has been an international migration to Israel, of course, but also to Canada and USA.


Armenians in Egypt

The Google Map plots the main Armenian communities in Egypt. The two previous blog posts have looked at the cities of Alexandria and Cairo, giving extracts of Armenian names from a French-language directory of 1930.

For completeness, a list of Armenian businesses in Mansoura, Port Said, Suez and Zagazig – the other cities of Egypt included in the 1930 trade directory – is given below.

The list includes some of the big Armenian cigarette companies in Egypt. These firms were all family-run and Armenian-managed but employed mostly local Egyptian labour. They tended to differ from the international and Greek cigarette manufacturers by focusing, initially at least, on inexpensive non-luxury cigarettes and tobacco for the domestic market within Egypt and Sudan. In declining order of significance, the Armenian cigarette manufacturers in Egypt were as follows:

1. Matossian. Separate businesses were set up by brothers Hovhannes in Alexandria in 1882 and Garabed in Cairo in 1886. They went into partnership in 1896 and were incorporated in 1899. Later, factories were opened in Giza and Zagazig. Subsequently, the controlling brothers Jacques, Joseph and Victor Matossian merged the company with British American Tobacco in 1927 but continued to operate as before. 3,000 employees circa 1930.

2. Melkonian. This company started in retail but moved into wholesale and manufacturing. The Melkonian brothers’ earliest factories were in Zagazig (circa 1883/84) and Faiyum (1888); later, factories opened in Alexandria, Aswan and Cairo. Producer of the Maden brand.

3. Gamsaragan. This was another family firm set up by brothers, which continued to operate under its own name (as Yervant Gamsaragan & Co) despite acquisition by British American Tobacco. Producer of the Abu-Najma and Delta brands. 1,300 employees circa 1930.

4. Ipekian. The founder Kevork Ipekian’s business was acquired by Maspero Brothers in 1924 but continued to operate under its own name.

Armenian businesses in Mansoura, Port Said, Suez and Zagazig in 1930:

Avatis, M, rue Colmar, Suez, bookseller & stationer
Daggian, Joseph, Chantecler Cinema, rue Abbas, Suez, cinema
Dajian, Joseph, rue Abbas, Suez, hosiery
Dayan, Isaac Kh., PO Box 54, Mansoura, manufacturer
Djebedjian, brothers, rue Ismail, Mansoura, cigarette manufacturers
Djerahian, V, Suez, agent for A I Mantacheff & Co, petroleum
Djerahian, Vahe, rue Mohafz, Suez, sales representative
Gamsaragan, A, Suez, cigarette manufacturer
Gamsaragan, A, rue Abbas, Zagazig, cigarette manufacturer
Hagop, J, rue Colmar, Suez, dentist
Ipekian, Kevork, rue Memphis 3, Port Said, cigarette manufacturer
Isajjian, Joseph, rue Abbas, Suez, confection
Matossian, -, Société Anonyme des Tabacs & Cigarettes, rue Colmar, Suez, tobacco manufacturer
Matossian, -, Société Anonyme des Tabacs & Cigarettes, rue el-Montazah, Zagazig, tobacco manufacturer
Melkonian, K & G, rue Abbas, Zagazig, tobacco manufacturers
Mihranian, Hagop, Suez, dentist
Ourphalian, Rupin, rue de la Moudirieh 4, Zagazig, oculist
Papasian & Co., rue Eugenie, Port Said, gramophones, pianos & musical instruments
Partoghian, Minas, rue Mahkama Kadima, Zagazig, doctor, genito-urinary & venereal specialist
Paschayan, V G, rue Babel, Port Said, butter merchant
Sandalian, O, Zagazig, agent for A I Mantacheff & Co, mineral oils & petroleum
Sarkis, -, rue du Tribunal Mixte, Mansoura, printer


Armenians in Egypt – Cairo

This blog on Armenians in Cairo is the second of two on the subject of the Armenians in Egypt, the previous one focusing on Alexandria.

The same Google Map refers – it shows the main religious and cultural sites for the Armenian community in Egypt today, in the port city of Alexandria and the capital Cairo. All the sites on the map are current today.

Below is a list of prominent Armenian professionals, merchants, manufacturers and traders extracted taken from a French-language trade directory of 1930. Names are shown alphabetically using the English alphabet, although most of the names show evidence of transliteration from Armenian using French orthographic standards.

The list is likely to be incomplete, in the sense that some Armenians in the directory may have been missed, for instance if their names had been Anglicised or Gallicised, or abbreviated (losing a distinctive Armenian surname suffix). It is also quite conceivable that the list includes some non-Armenians – for instance, a few Coptic Christians, Maronites, Syriacs or even French who I have not been able to distinguish from Armenians.

Achdjian, Manouk, rue Karnak 6, Heliopolis, jeweller
Achekian, Artin, rue Amir-Farouk (Jardin Rosetti), shoemaking supplies & hide & skins
Achikian, Bedros, rue Manaklieh, haberdasher
Adjemian, S, boulevard Abbas 17, Heliopolis, photographer
Aghlaghalian, Kirkor, Jardin Rosetti, shoemaking supplies & hides & skins
Agopian, Agop / Hagop, rue Saptieh 18, iron & metal, agricultural & industrial machinery, construction materials
Agopian, D, midan Kantaret el-Dekka 4, lithographer
Agopian, Karekin, rue Saptieh, imm. Marché de la Gare, sales representative
Alexanian, Gostan, Khan Khalil, jeweller
Altounian, brothers, rue Amir Farouk & rue Beil-el-Sourein 64, shoemaking supplies & hide & skins
Amiraian / Amirayan, A, rue Souk el-Tewfikieh 4, lithographer & paper merchant
Amirayan, -, rue Wabour-el-Seoud, Rod-el-Farrag, cartons & sales representatives
Amirayan, S, rue Nubar pacha 9, photographer
Amirian, H, rue Soliman pacha 35, printer & bookseller
Ananian, Hagop, rue Maghraby 28, tailor
Ananian, Mihran, rue Emad el-Dine 17, tailor
Andjoukian, Archak, rue Elfi bey, imm. Dalbagni, tailor
Anlyan, Armand, rue Gohari 2, textiles & sales representative
Antiklian, brothers, Darb el-Guineneh 1, foodstuffs
Antranikian, A, sekkelt el-Manakh 6, architect
Apkar, Z O, avenue Fouad 1er 4, tailor
Arabian, P, Atfet Elani 2 (Mohamed Aly), shoemaking supplies
Arakelian, Armand, rue Emad el-Dine 3, photographer
Arakelian, G, rue Eloui 4, engraver & zincographer
Aram, Stephan, rue Manakh 41, lawyer
Ardaches, O, rue Kasr el-Nil 56, printer & engraver
Arevian, A, Européenne Teinturieres, boulevard Abbas 13, Heliopolis, dyer
Ariyan, Mardiros, rue Abdine 13, sales representative
Armenian, K, midan Bab el-Hadid 2, construction materials
Armenian, Kegham, rue Hod el-Zouhour, Saptieh, founder
Armenian, Kegham, place Bab el-Hadid 2, hardware, bathroom & sanitary installations
Arslanian, -, el-Manakh 41, furniture manufacturer
Arslanian, A, rue Comanos-pacha 7, Heliopolis, sales representative
Arslanian, D S, rue Bawaki 4, furniture
Artinian, Arakel, Venus Photo Studio, rue Emad el-Dine 3, photographer
Artinian, Ghazaros, rue Bein el-Nahdein 10, dentist
Artinian, Jacob, avenue Fouad 1er 4, tailor
Artinian, T, rue Bein el-Sourein 13, colonial goods
Arzoumanian, A, rue Bein el-Harate 103, tailor
Asfazadour, Vahram, rue Bawaki 4, furniture
Assadour, Mme Vve L, rue Falaki 44, sales representative
Assadourian, Tigrane, rue Kasr el-Nil 47, lawyer
Avakian, S, Wakalet el-Gawaherguieh, jeweller
Avakian, Y, De La Poste Pharmacy, midan Azbak, pharmacy
Avalcian, -, rue Abdel-Aziz 27, photographer
Avedis, K, rue Aboul Sebaa 20, mechanical workshop
Avedissian, A, rue Bawaki 12, dentist
Avedissian, Hagop, Orientale, rue San Stefano 15, foodstuffs
Azadian, Armenag, rue Abdel Moneim 50, Heliopolis, chemist
Azarian, A, rue Kamel 9, architect
Aznavour, Joseph S, rue Aboul-Sebaa 8, architect
Baghdigian, N, rue Kantaret el-Dekka 3, doctor
Bahadrian, Dikran bey, Des Fleurs Pharmacy, rue Emad el-Dine 52, Abdine, pharmacy
Baklaian, H K, brothers, rue Gawaherguieh 6, jeweller
Balekjian, Hagop, Nouveau Bazar Ataba el-Khadra, foodstuffs
Balian, Garo, rue Borsa 5, Tewfikieh, architect
Baronig, H, rue Fahmi 11, Bab-el-Luk, architect
Barzakian, Vartan T, rue Neuve 64, textiles
Basralian, H, rue Abdine 18, tailor
Bedevian, Benjamin, rue Tewfik 33, tailor
Berberian, A & L, rue Abdel-Aziz 25 & rue Taht el-Babh, cigarette manufacturers
Berberian, Aram, haret Faied 6, Abdine, engraver & zincographer
Berberian, K, London Studio, rue Emad el-Dine & boulevard Abbas 26, Heliopolis, photographer
Berberian, Leon, rue Choubrah 25, foodstuffs
Berberian, T & Sons, The Egyptian Society, Khan-Khalil, antiquarians
Berberian, Z, haret el-Toubgui 16, Abdine, printer
Beylerian, B E & Son, agents for Liverpool Marine & General Insurance Co Ltd, avenue de la Reine-Nazli 141, fire & transport insurance
Bledanian, Onnik, Americaine Teinturieres, rue Kasr el-Nil 25, rue Soliman pacha 41 & factory at rue Madbouli 72, dyers
Bodourian, A A, rue Ibn el-Yazri 18 (avenue Fouad 1er), pharmaceutical products
Bodourian, Ohanik / Onnik A, rue Nubar pacha 19, cigarette manufacturer & leaf tobacco
Boghossian, F, rue Mohamed Aly 147, printer & stationer
Bohdjakian, Manouk, rue Bein el-Surein 56, shoe manufacturer
Cavoukian, Ohannes, Cavouk Photography Studio, rue Madabegh 41 & rue Mohamed Aly 152, photographer
Chahbazian, J, rue Hoche el-Hine 12, Mouski, hides & skins
Chalvarjian, M, midan el-Khazindar 2, flour merchant
Chamkertenian, N, rue Hoche-el-Hine 3, Mousky, shoe manufacturer
Chamlian, Boghos, rue Soliman-pacha 41, doctor
Chilian, Edoaurd, rue Deir el-Banat 10, lawyer
Chirinian, Artine, midan Ataba el-Khadra 5, surgeon
Churukian, S H, sekket-Cheikh-Abdalla 4, Abdine, doctor
Croubalian, P, rue Abdine 18, engraver & zincographer
Dadarian, Karnik, sekket el-Noubi, founder
Daggian, L, rue Nubar pacha 9 & haret el-Mezayan 1, Mousky, hosiery, shoe merchant & sales representative
Daggian, Leon, rue Nubar pacha 9, bicycles & accessories
Damlamaian, Haig, rue Manakh 5, carpet dealer
Darian, Georges L, rue Maghraby 16, lawyer
Darian, J L, rue Maghraby 16, banker
Debedjian, Guiragos, haret Fayed 3, Abdine, tailor
Demian, Youssef, rue Neuve 40, jeweller
Demirdjian, K G, rue Kamel 5, dentist
Demirdjian, Mikhail, rue Teraa el-Boulakieh 101, Choubra, mechanical workshop
Demirgian & Cumbo, -, L’Urbaine, place de l’Opéra 48, fire insurance
Demirgian & Cumbo, -, La Minerve, place de l’Opéra 48, life insurance
Demirgian, Louis, rue Abdine 48, place de l’Opéra, sales representative
Der Arakelian, Arakel, rue Bein el-Sourein 27, shoemaking supplies
Der Markarian, Apkar N, Atfet Zawiet Aboul Wafa, Abdine, oculist
Der Markarian, G M, rue Khordaguieh 15 & rue Neuve, jeweller
Der Markarian, Vahan N, Ramses Pharmacy, rue el-Cheikh Rihane 18, pharmacy
Der Markerian, Ohannes, rue Clot bey 74, haberdasher
Derderian, M & Co, PO Box 555, sales representatives
Dervishian, M, midan Bab el-Hadid 4, hardware, bathroom & sanitary installations
Dervishian, Ohan A, Zokak el-Gabbas 21, darb el-Barbara, flour merchant
Djanikian, O, rue Damiette 38, Heliopolis, architect
Djazmadarian, H, darb el-Guinéna 3, shoemaking supplies & hides & skins
Djivanian, Mihran, rue Emad el-Dine 5, jeweller
Djizmedjian, brothers, haret Zogheb 2, bankers
Djizmedjian, Haig, rue Manakh 3, sales representative
Djizmedjian, Yervant, avenue des Pyramides, Heliopolis, dentist
Dzerounian, A, rue Manakh, passage Zogheb, jeweller
Dzerounian, A, sekket el-Manakh, jeweller
Dziranian, Krikor, rue Azbak 1, transportation
Ekmekdjian, A, rue Makassisse, jeweller
Ekmekdjian, Mme Catherine, Heliopolis, Aux Camelias millinery shop
Ekmekdjian, Ohanes, rue Abdine 12, shoemaking supplies
Erganian, S, rue Abdel-Aziz 21, musical instruments & pianos
Etmekdjian, A & M, rue Bein el-Nahdein 5, sales representatives
Farahian, brothers, Ezbet el-Zeitoun, sales representatives
Farahian, Georges, PO Box 376, sales representative
Farsakian, Zacharia, rue Chaaraoui-el-Barrani 12, shoemaking supplies & hides & skins
Fendian & Co, rue Aboul Sebaa 8, engravers & zincographers
Fendian & Co, rue Kantaret-el-Deka 22, agricultural & industrial machinery
Fetchedjian, Levon, avenue de la Reine Nazli 133, bathroom & sanitary installations
Garabed, Michel, rue Ebn Ghannam 12, Daher, sales representative
Garabedian, A, rue el-Noubi 2, founder
Garabedian, A B, avenue Fouad 1er 11, oculist
Garabedian, A B, rue Gohary 3, opthalmologist
Ghougassian, Asdour, rue Neuve Okelle Saleh effendi, silks & textiles
Goganian, G, rue Maghrabi 27, sales representative
Goganian, L, Ghamrah, mechanical workshop
Goganian, Leon, rue Sahel el-Ghelal 12, Boulac, founder
Golian, Haig, okelle Gawherguieh, jeweller
Gorunlian, Garabed, rue Guinenah 6, butter merchant
Gostanian, Ohannes, rue Khalig el-Masri 567, shoe manufacturer
Goudsouzian, Sons & Co, rue el-Azhar 22, Hamzaoui, carpet dealers & sales representatives
Goudsouzian, G, rue Bein el-Surein 64, hides & skins
Guiragossian, P, rue Bawaki 11, hardware store
Gumuchian, D, rue Bein-el-Nahdein 3, haberdasher
Gurunlian, H, avenue Reine-Nazli 59, surgeon
Guzelimian, K, sekket el-Manakh, tailor
Guzelimian, Loudere H, rue Bawaki 25-27, jeweller, household utensils & sales representative
Guzelimian, N, rue Faggala 62, pharmacy
Habechian, Vahan, rue Michat-el-Kataba 3, animal bones dealer
Hagopian, S, rue Aboul-Mouli 8, Choubra, pharmacy
Haig, Sahag, Idéale Pharmacy, rue Kantaret el-Guédida 2, pharmacy
Hamalian, K, rue Madabegh 27, zincographer
Hamamdjian, Leon & Son, Wakalet el-Gawaherguieh, jeweller
Haronian, Ath., rue Maghrabi 5 bis, tailor
Hatchadourian, Ed. P, rue Bawaki 18-19, household utensils
Hekimian, Djivan Sons, rue Bein el-Sourein, colonial goods
Hekimian, V, rue Manchet el-Kataba 3, banker & sales representative
Hovaghimian, H & D, Sekket el Nasser, Boulac, steel, iron & metal, construction materials
Imamedjian, Artine, rue Bein el-Surein 1, foodstuffs
Indien, Valirian & Sons, haret el-Zaher 9, bazaar
Indjidjian, P, rue Bein el-Surein 35, shoemaking supplies & hides & skins
Inedjian, A, Grande Orientale, rue San Stefano 15, Heliopolis, foodstuffs
Ipekian, Kevork, Choubra, cigarette manufacturers
Iplicjian, D Stephan, Okelle Btesh, rue Bibars, Hamzaoui, manufacturer
Iranian, Mihrane, midan Kantaret el-Dekka 4, photographer
Ishkhanian, brothers, Comet Photo Studio, rue Abdine 42, place de l’Opéra, photographers
Ispenian, K, Muslim Art Gallery, rue Kasr-el-Nil 22, antiquarian & carpet dealer
Jamgotchian, S P, rue Mousky 43, doctor
Kaikadjian / Kaikdjian, Simon, rue Saptieh 12, mineral oils, hardware, bathroom & sanitary installations
Kalaidjian, S, haret el-Husseini 4, Ezbekieh, wine merchant & sales representative
Kalebdjian, brothers, rue el-Méligui 3, antiquarians
Kalemkarian, H H, avenue Fouad 1er 4, galerie commerciale, sales representative
Kalemkarian, H H, rue Kasr el-Nil 52, earthenware
Kalfayan, K, rue Kasr el-Nil 33, zincographer
Kalfayan, Sarkis, rue Bein el-Surein 37, shoemaking supplies
Kalpakdjian, Garabet, rue Abdine 30, jeweller
Karagulian, Nubar, rue Bibars 10, Hamzaoui, textiles
Karakachian, A & Son, rue Fakhry-pacha 4, Mousky, gramophones
Karakachian, H, avenue Fouad 1er, gramophones
Karaognianian, brothers, Souk el-Habalin 3, shoe manufacturers
Kasandjian, Artine, rue Kasr-el-Nil 47, lawyer
Kasparian, Artine, Darb el-Guinenah 20, foodstuffs
Kasparian, Karikine, Haret Fayed 6, photographer
Kassabian, Jean, Confiance Teinturieres, rue Emad el-Dine, imm. Dalbagni & midan Soliman pacha, dyers
Kassabian, Mourad, rue Momtaz 3 (Mohamed-Aly), foodstuffs & distillery
Kavaldjian, L, Anglo-Egyptian Pharmacy, rue Mansour pacha, Helouan, pharmacy
Kavoukian, G, rue Choubrah 18, jeweller & optician
Kayserlian, Edouard, rue Saha 37, jeweller
Kazandjian, V, rue Manakh, passage Zogheb, jeweller
Kegham, H, rue Aboul-Sebaa 20, Galerie Ismailieh, electrical supplies
Kelekian, Dikran, rue el-Méligui 3, antiquarian
Kemhadjian, A, rue Dessouki 7, hides & skins, & sales representative
Keshishian, H, rue Okély 11, shoe merchant & sales representative
Ketchedjian, N B, rue Kamel 3, surgeon
Kevorkian, B, rue Neuve, en face la banque Misr, jeweller
Kevorkian, Nubar, rue Kasr-el-Nil 33, architect
Khachadour, Dadoud, rue Emad el-Dine 11, lawyer
Khatchadourian, A & A, Constantinople Pharmacy, rue Karnak, Heliopolis, pharmacy
Khatchadourian, M & Co, rue Zabitieh, sales representatives
Khatcherian, Melkon, Osana & Son, rue Bein el-Surein 35, shoemaking supplies
Khatchoian, Khorein, sekket el-Manakh, tailor
Khelian, Gh., rue Bein el-Surein 38, hides & skins
Khoronian, Dikran N, rue Mezayen 7, Mousky, stationer
Kilidjian, sons of H T, rue Neuve 49, colonial goods
Kirazian, Karkour, rue Bein el-Surein 60, aniline dyes, colours & varnishes, & hosiery
Krikorian, K, avenue Reine Nazli 79, photographic supplies
Krikorian, K & L, avenue Reine Nazli 79, sales representatives
Kurkdjian, Aram, rue Abdine 29, engraver
Kurukian, A, avenue Fouad 1er 13, dentist
Latchmian, M, Grande Orientale, rue San Stefano 15, Heliopolis, foodstuffs
Lekegian, G, rue Kamel 9, photographer
Madjarian, Onnik, rue Soliman pacha 20, lawyer
Malkhassian, G, rue Gameh el-Banat 3, butter merchant & sales representative
Malkhassian, S D, rue Momtaz 5, butter merchant
Malkhossian, Garabed, Nouveau Bazar Ataba el-Khadra, foodstuffs
Manouginian, A, Vosguedar Printers, rue Emad el-Dine, imm. Dalbagni, printers
Mansourian, Khossrof & Meguerditch, rue Khordaguieh 6, jewellers
Maralian, A, rue San Stefano 21, Heliopolis, tailor
Marcarian, -, rue Soliman pacha 4, automobile supplies
Mardikian, B & L, rue Abdel-Aziz 19, electrical supplies
Mardikian, B & L, avenue Fouad 1er 31, sales representatives
Mardinian, H, rue Souk el-Touk el-Tewfikieh 1, architect
Mardinian, H B, rue Mousky 38, banker
Mardinian, Mardick, rue Mohamed Aly 200, copper merchant
Markarian, S, rue Abdine 42 (place de l’Opéra), dentist
Maronian, Ohannesse, rue Bein el-Surein 60, aniline dyes, colours & varnishes & hosiery
Massehian, Simon, rue Kasr el-Nil 50, sales representative
Mastikian, Haig, Haig Pharmacy, rue Choubra 22, pharmacy
Matossian, S A, Tabacs & Cigarettes, avenue des Pyramides, Guizeh, cigarette manufacturer
Matossian, Ste. Anon., rue Azbak 4, leaf tobacco
Mechian, Setrak, rue Abdel-Aziz 16, gramophones
Meghirian, Mme Nevick, Hotel Gloria, rue Emad el-Dine, milliner
Melkonian, K & G, rue Galal 14, Tewfikieh, cigarette manufacturers & leaf tobacco
Melkonian, L, rue Mohamed Aly 147, printer & stationer
Mesrobian, H, midan Azbak 4, dentist
Mestdjian, Ardaches, Impériale Pharmacy, rue Mousky 11 & rue Ismail 22, Heliopolis, pharmacies
Mestoudjian, D K, rue Manakh 23, dentist
Mesurlian, Y, Vosguedar Printers, rue Emad el-Dine, imm. Dalbagni, printers
Mihran, Agop, Laboratoire de la Renaissance Egyptienne Pharmacy, rue el-Komi 8, Sayeda Zenab, pharmacy
Mihranian, Dr H L, rue Azbak 1, dentist
Mimekian, Krikor, rue Bein el-Sourein, soap manufacturer
Minassian, Asfazadour, rue Neuve, coffee merchant & sales representative
Minassian, P, rue Kasr el-Nil 51, engraver
Minassian, T, rue Elfi bey, imm. Daibagni, mechanical workshop
Minedjian, Zareh M, haret Ahmed Nafie 5, dentist
Minetian, K, rue Bein el-Surein 8, foodstuffs
Minnetian, Kirkor, rue Bein el-Sourein 8, colonial goods
Misirlian, Armenak, rue Chawazlieh 27, Mousky, sales representative
Misketian, H, rue Soliman pacha 36, sales representative
Missaelian, Sarkis, [no address given], Loussartzak Armenian-language weekly
Missakian, B, rue Kantaret el-Dekka 3, doctor, genito-urinary & venereal specialist
Mosditchian, V, rue Kasr el-Nil 56, printer
Mouradian, Kevork, okelle Tarabichi, Hamzaoui, sales representative
Mouradian, Kevork, rue Gameh-el-Banat 10, manufacturer & coffee merchant
Murachanian, brothers, avenue Fouad 1er 111, automobile supplies
Nakachian, A, rue Manakh (passage Zogheb), engraver
Nalbandian, M & P, rue Borsa-el-Guédida 4, antiquarians & carpet dealers
Navassartian, V, rue Soliman pacha 35, editor & proprietor of Houssaper Armenian-language newspaper
Nazarethian, K, rue Kasr el-Nil 49, proprietor of American Engraving zincographers
Nazarian, Boghos, rue Maghrabi 18, tailor
Nederian, H, rue Aboul-Sebaa 22, tailor
Nerdjivanian, Aram, rue Neuve, jeweller
Nigolian, Kirkor, Wakalet el-Gawaherguieh, jeweller
Nourian, P, rue Minchaat el-Kataba 1, lawyer
Odabachian, G & N, zokak Salawi 2, manufacturers
Ohandjanian, Dr Hamasasp, rue Coubrah 45, paediatrician
Ohanes, Andon, Nouvelle Ismalieh Pharmacy, rue Abdine 16, pharmacy
Ohanessian, O G, rue Choubrah 107, doctor
Okosdinossian, Armand, rue Cheikh Maarouf 30, architect
Pachayan, Dr Artin Ohanes, rue Comanos pacha 24, Heliopolis, male midwife & surgeon
Pachayan / Pashaian, H, haret el-Husseini 4, Ezbekieh, wine merchant & sales representative
Pachinian, Haig, Ramses Photography Studio, rue Mohamed Aly 150, photographer
Pamboukdjian, rue Bendaka 5, hardware store
Pamboukdjian, Aram, rue Madabegh 27, zincographer
Pamboukdjian, K H & Co, [no address], sales representatives
Papasian & Co, rue Maghraby 7, gramophones
Papasian & Co, rue Maghraby 9 & rue Nubar pacha 15, pianos
Papazian, -, Matarieh Pharmacy, Matarieh, pharmacy
Papazian, A, Royale Stationers, rue Kasr-el-Nil 50, stationer
Papazian, Arakel, rue Kasr el-Nil 54, office supplies
Papazian, F, place Ataba el-Khadra 5, optician
Papasian, Jules, rue Maghrabi 7 & rue Nubar pacha 15, musical instruments
Papazian, H D, rue Gohari 1, dentist
Papazian, K, rue Nubar pacha 5, photographic supplies
Papazian, Kh. M, rue Nubar pacha 15 & rue Kantaret-el-Dekka 4, photographer
Papazian, Sempad, rue Gohari 2, lawyer
Papazian, Z, rue Neuve, en face la banque Misr, jeweller
Partoghian, D, rue Neuve 56, hosiery
Paschian, A & Co, Cosmos Trading Agency, haret el-Husseini 4, Ezbekieh, sales representatives
Pilibbossian, Dr Bedros, rue Soliman pacha 44, doctor, skin & venereal diseases specialist, electrotherapy
Rogojian, Gabriel, rue Kenissa-Guedida 6, typewriters
Samuelian, Dr Leon, avenue Said 1er 17, Heliopolis, women’s doctor
Sarafian, Aram, rue Manakh 5, tailor
Sarafian, I, rue Maghraby 18, tailor
Sarian, G & H, Oriental Carpets Stores, [no address], carpet dealers
Sarkis, Antoine, rue Faggalah 53, pharmaceutical supplies
Sarkis, Ferdinand, rue Falaki 42, surgeon & gynaecologist
Sarkis, J E & Son, rue Faggalah 53, bookseller
Sarkis, Ph., rue Nubar-pacha 9, doctor
Sarkis, Dr Ph., rue Kamel, photographic supplies
Sarrafian, Socrote, Argus Printers, rue Elfi bey, imm. Dalbagni, printer
Sedefian, K, rue Mousky 41, dentist
Selvadjian, K E, avenue Fouad 1er 1 & 2, hardware store & kitchen utsensils
Semedjian & Co, Majestic, rue Soliman pacha 35, shoe manufacturers
Serafian, Aram, Wakalet el-Gawaherguieh, jeweller
Serobiantz, Nazareth agha, boulevard Abbas 17, Heliopolis, women’s doctor
Seropian, B, rue Madabegh 43, doctor
Sevonkhian, Chavarch, rue Maghrabi 9, lawyer
Sexemian / Sexenian / Seximian, H M, The Egyptian Cigarettes & Tabacco Stores, rue Faggalah 65, cigarette manufacturer & leaf tobacco
Shaldjian, Leon, rue Borsa el-Guedidia 2, tailor
Shaldjian, Vahan, rue Aboul Sebaa 20, tailor
Sinanian, A, rue Chérifein 7, mechanical workshop
Sislian, Artine, rue Souk el-Tewfikieh 4, tailor
Smyrnagasissian, Serge, rue Tigrane pacha 4, mechanical workshop
Sossoyan, Meguerditch Boghos, place de l’Opéra 46, lawyer
Soukiassian, Mme Azniv, avenue Reine Nazli 243, lingerie
Souvalian, Habib, avenue Reine-Nazli 59, dentist
Spendjian, H B, rue Saba Kaat el-Keblieh (rue Neuve), sales representative
Stepanian, Anis, rue Souk el-Tewfikieh 4, earthenware
Stepanian, Arias, rue Chaaraoui el-Barrani 30, Bab el-Charieh, earthenware & household utensils
Stepanian, Leon, Bazar Stamboul, rue Bawaki 5, earthenware, household utensils & hardware store
Sualian, G, rue Chébine 4, Heliopolis, architect
Sultanian, David, rue Bein el-Surein 35, shoemaking supplies
Tachdjian, H K, PO Box 555, sales representative
Tacvorian, K, rue Mansourah, Heliopolis, butter merchant
Tahtadjian, Vahan, rue Emad el-Dine 3, imm. Aghababa, tailor
Taurian / Tourian, brothers A & A, rue Madabegh 7, imm. Mazloum, bookbinder
Tchakedjian, Kevork, rue Mousky 19 & rue Clot bey 49, household utensils & hardware stores
Tchalikian, Mme M, Anglo-Egyptian Pharmacy, rue Mansour pacha, Helouan, pharmacy
Tchelakian, H A, Eastern Printing Co, rue Teraa-el-Boulakieh 94-96, lithographers
Tchidjian, Kh., rue Gameh Charkass 1, bookbinder
Tchopourian, Bedros, haret el-Soufi 5, gramophones
Tekeian, Vahan, rue Zaki 9, Tewfikieh, editor & proprietor of Arev Armenian-language newspaper
Terzian, Dikran, rue Mazloum pacha 16, tailor
Topalian, Diran, rue Zaher 23, founder
Topalian, Kevork, rue Hamzaoui, manufacturer
Topouzian, H, Sagha, jeweller
Torigian, Hachadour, rue Abdine 45, tailor
Touryantz, G, PO Box 603, sales representative
Toutoundjian, Magar, Haret el-Soufi 2, tailor
Tschakedjian, H, rue Bein el-Nahdein okelle Cherazi 9, sales representative
Tschakedjian, W T, rue Bein el-Nahdein imm. Cherazi, sales representative
Utugian, H, American Photography Studio, rue Ibrahim 13, Heliopolis, photographer
Vanerian, Nichan, rue Bawaki 4, household utensils
Varterian, Dr Kevork, rue Choubra 14, doctor, pathologist, gynaecologist
Varvayan, Garabed, rue Madabegh 38, carpet dealer
Yacoub, Arax, rue Montaz, Mohamed-Aly, photographer
Yacoubian, Dr Dikran, rue Maghrabi 18, dentist
Yacoubian, N, midan Ataba el-Khadra imm. Morums, household utensils, earthenware & hardware store
Yacoubian, Serop, rue Clot-bey 92, haberdasher
Yacoubian, Stephan, rue Aboul-Maali, Chicola-Choubra, pharmacy
Yacoubian, Dr Vahram K, rue Kamel 3, dentist
Yaghoian, Kirkor, rue Mohamed Aly 105, engraver
Yazidjian, H, rue Mansourah, Heliopolis, butter merchant
Yazidjian, Yervant, rue Zaki 3, Tewfikieh, banker & sales representative
Yeminedjian, Hrant, rue El-Chawarby 6, jeweller
Yeramian, Bedros, Jardin Rosetti, shoemaking supplies & hides & skins
Yergatian, O, rue San Stefano 13, Heliopolis, foodstuffs
Zalemian & Co, rue Hamzaoui, près de la Poste, hides & skins
Zambakdjian, -, Atfet Elani 2 (Mohamed Aly), shoemaking supplies
Zambakdjian, Soghofet, midan Soliman pacha 8, carpet dealer
Zartarian, V, avenue Fouad 1er 13, bookseller
Zohrabian, D, atfet Hoche Issa, hosiery & sales representative
Zohrabian, D, rue Hoche Issa, hardware store

The following Armenian institutions also appear in the same 1930 directory of Cairo:

Armenian Hospital, rue du Vieux-Caire 94
Armenian Kalousdian School, rue Fouad 1er 40
Armenian Orthodox Boys & Girls School, Boulac (Aboul-Ela) & rue Tel-el-Kebir (Heliopolis)
Berberian College, rue Choubrah 113
Manissalian Preparatory School, rue Habib Chalabi 46, Faggalah
Tashdjian School, avenue Reine Nazli 219
Tchedjeyan School, avenue Said 7, Heliopolis