Armenians in Javakhk 

This  Google Map shows the distribution of current and former Armenian settlements in Javakhk, Georgia, the region that adjoins the Republic of Armenia and has a majority Armenian population.

Although Armenian settlement in this region historically dates back many hundreds of years, the current population of the small towns and villages in Javakhk generally descends from Armenians displaced from Ottoman Turkey circa 1829/30. Many came from Erzurum province, with a minority from other districts such as Ardahan, Kars and Van.

As Erzurum was also the source of many emigrants to America around the turn of the 19th/20th century, this means that many Armenians both in the Republic and in the diaspora may well have kin residing in Georgia.

Note that the map shows the settlements in the Javakhk region of Georgia which have or had an Armenian population. The villages are shown under their Armenian not their Georgian names (transliterated from the Armenian alphabet of course) and are listed in Latin alphabet order.

Villages are Armenian Apostolic unless otherwise described as Armenian Catholic (red pins).

Ethnic Georgian villages in the region are not marked with pins.


This is a version of a blog post and map first published by bluebirdresearch in 2012.