Armenians in the Bulgarian Army 1912-1913

This Google Map shows the birth places, where given, of Bulgarian soldiers of Armenian ethnicity who were killed during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913.

Click on a pin on the map to see Armenian soldiers born in a particular town. All the places are specific bar one, being that for the soldier whose file merely states “Persia” as his birth place.

It will be seen that while, as might be expected, most individuals were born within Bulgaria, two were from Constantinople, five from locations within Armenian parts of the former Ottoman Empire, and two from what was then Persia (the man from “Persia” and the soldier from Tabriz).

The mapping does not purport to be complete: only those soldiers with indisputably or probably Armenian forenames or surnames have been included. The map is likely to omit such Armenians who had assimilated and/or taken completely Bulgarianised names; and, of course, it excludes Armenians who served with the Bulgarian Army but who survived the conflict.