Armenians in Egypt, part 4

This is the fourth post on the historical Armenian community in Egypt and essentially is little more than a transcription of apparently Armenian names from a selection of historical commercial directories. I have chosen the years 1913, 1922 and 1938 (having previously posted a blog containing names from a 1930 edition). The directory in question is the so-called Annuaire Oriental. Its coverage, content, and level of detail, varies by year and edition.

Here are the names from the 1913 edition:

Acdarian, Ohannes, merchants & commercial agents, Alexandria
Aghavnouni, Meguerditch, Bishop of the Armenian Apostolic Diocese of Egypt, Cairo
Armaganian, H, watchmaker, Alexandria
Artin Stepan bey, Deputy Director of the Translation Office, Minstry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo
Aznavourian, Boghos, embroiderers, Cairo
Bodourian, D K, confectioner, Alexandria
Davidian, Seraphim, Bishop of the Armenian Catholic Church, Cairo
Demirdjian, Georges, artist (painter), Alexandria
Demosteine & B Seropian, cigarette manufacturers, Alexandria
Dervichyan, Ohan A, flour merchant, Cairo
Enfiedjian, D, ophthalmologist, Alexandria
Gamsaragan Bros, cigarette manufacturers, Alexandria
Gamsaragan Bros, leaf tobacco merchants, Alexandria
Ghazarian, S & M, furs & skins, Alexandria
Goudzourian Bros, furs & skins, Alexandria
Gurdjian, P K, bookbinder, Cairo
Hagopian, Artin, Vicar of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt, Cairo
Ipekian, Kevork, cigarette manufacturers, Alexandria
Ispenian, K, oriental carpets, Cairo
Jamghotch, Dr M K, physician, Alexandria
Jamgotchian, Dr S P, physician, Cairo
Kayounian, Pierre, Bishop of the Armenian Catholic Diocese of Alexandria, Cairo
Kherian, M, leaf tobacco merchant, Alexandria
Lekegian, G & Co, photographers, Cairo
Manoukian & Sons, manufacturers, Alexandria
Matossian, cigarette manufacturers, Cairo
Matossian, leaf tobacco merchants, Alexandria
Matossian, leaf tobacco merchants, Cairo
Matossian, cigarette manufacturers, Alexandria
Melconian, K & G, cigarette manufacturers, Alexandria
Melkonian, K & G, cigarette manufacturers, Cairo
Melkonian, K & G, leaf tobacco merchants, Cairo
Momdjian, Vahram, engravers, Cairo
Moroukian, Missak & Co, furs & skins, Alexandria
Nahabedian, Partik, oriental carpets, Cairo
Ohanian, Onnig B, commercial agents, Alexandria
Ovaghimian, J A, merchant & agent, Alexandria
Papazian & D Ohannessian, furs & skins, Alexandria
Pembedjian, J & Co, cigarette manufacturers, Cairo
Pembedjian, J, leaf tobacco merchant, Alexandria
Pembedjian, J, leaf tobacco merchant, Cairo
Perlochian, Benjamin, embroiderers, Cairo
Proudian, Thomas, gilder, Cairo
Sefedjian, E, photographer, Cairo
Telyan, M, lawyer, Alexandria

Here are the names of Armenians from 1922 (which has much briefer coverage from Egypt):

Acdarian, Ohannes, & Co, fertilisers, r. Stamboul 3, Alexandria
Bohdjalian, H & D, egg merchants, r. Torgueman 5, Cairo
Goudsouzian, O & Sons, merchants, r. Souk el-Kharratine 3, Alexandria
Matossian & Co, cigarette manufacturer, r. Colmar, Suez
Nazaretian, Artin N, & Co, bankers, r. Midan 48, Alexandria
Tachdjian, H K & Co, dealers in medicines, r. el-Manakh 15, Cairo
Tachdjian, H K & Co, merchants, r. el-Madabegh 15, Cairo
Yazidjian, R, metal foundry, Ch. Abbas 125, Cairo

And here are the names of Armenian merchants and professionals in Egypt from the 1938 directory:

Achdjian, Ohannes, plumbing supplies, rue Degiarde, Alexandria
Achekian, Artin, furs & skins, rue Amir Farouk (Jardin Rossetti), Cairo
Altounian Bros, furs & skins, rue Amir-Farouk, imm Wakf C et 64 rue Bein el Souren, Cairo
Anlyan, J Garabed, woollen fabrics, rue de France (Place Ste Catherine), Alexandria
Aprikian, -, plumbing supplies, rue Abou Dardar, Alexandria
Ariyan, Madiros, henna exporter, 13 rue Abdin, Cairo
Ariyan, Madiros, onion exporter, 13 rue Abdin, Cairo
Assadour, mme vve L, commercial agents, 44 rue Falaki, Cairo
Avakian, Gh., drapers, 15 rue de France, Alexandria
Azarian, A, cements, 18 rue Ancienne Bourse, Alexandria
Berberian, A & L, cigarette manufacturers, 25 rue Abdel Aziz, Cairo
Beylerian, B E, commercial agents, 141 avenue Reine Nazli, Cairo
Bodourian, Ohanik, cigarette manufacturers, 19 rue Nubar Pacha, Cairo
Bozandjian, mme Tako, medicines, 32 rue Mansour Pacha Helouan, Cairo
Cracerian Bros, cigarettes manufacturers, 87 rue Mosquee Attarine, Alexandria
Darmanian, H, coffee merchant, 39 rue Attarine, Alexandria
Darmanian, S K, coffee merchant, rue Midan, Alexandria
Dejerahian, Vahe, commercial agents, rue Mouhafaza, Suez
Demirgian, Louis Ed., commercial agents, 9 rue Eglise-copte, Alexandria
Diazmadarian, H, furs & skins, 3 darb el-Guenina, Cairo
Enokian, L & Co, commercial agents, 1 midan Saad-Zaghloul, Alexandria
Enokian, L & Co, shipping agents, 1 Midan Saad Zaghloul, Alexandria
Farahian Bros, commercial agents, Ezbet el-Zeitoun, Cairo
Farsakian, Zacharia, furs & skins, 12 rue Chaarawi el-Barrani, Cairo
Gamsaragan, A, cigarette manufacturers, 1 rue Tousson Pacha, Alexandria
Gamsaragan, Y & Co, cigarette manufacturers, Midan Kanteret el-Dekka, Cairo
Gamsaragan, Y, Delta Fabrique Reunies de Tabacs et Cigarettes, 51 rue Moharrem Bey, Alexandria
Indjidjian, P, furs & skins, 35 rue Bein el Sourein, Cairo
Ipekian, Kevork, cigarette manufacturer, 2 rue Moufateche, Alexandria
Ipekian, Kevork, cigarette manufacturer, Choubra, Cairo
Karnikian, G, commercial agents, 3 rue Matrah, Alexandria
Kechichian, Artin, grain merchant, 27 rue el-Midan, Alexandria
Keludjian, Maasab & Frank, commercial agents, 6 rue Souk el-Tabbakhine, Alexandria
Kirazian, K, & H Semerdjian, dyers, rue de France, passage Ghanem, Alexandria
Kirazian, Karkour & Ohaness Maronian, dyers, 60 rue Bein el Sourein, Cairo
Malkhassian, G & Co, commercial agents, 3 rue Gameh el-Banat, Cairo
Massehian, Simon, commercial agents, 50 rue Kasr-el-Nil, Cairo
Matossian, -, tobacco & cigarette manufacturers, S A avenue des Pyramides, Guizet, Cairo
Matossian, cigarette manufacturers, 1 rue Toussoun, Alexandria
Matossian, Miran & Co, cigarette manufacturers, 4 rue Iskendererani (Moharrem bey), Alexandria
Melkonian, K & G, cigarette manufacturers, 14 rue Galal, Cairo
Melkonian, K & G, cigarette manufacturers, 3 rue Eglise Maronite, Alexandria
Mestdjian, Ardaches, medicines, 11 rue Mousky, Cairo
Minassian, Asfazadour & Co, coffee merchants, rue Neuve, Cairo
Moughalian, Garabed & Son, commercial agents, 10 rue Port-Est, Alexandria
Moughalian, Pierre, furs & skins, 11 rue Cheikh Soliman, Alexandria
Mouradian, Kevork, coffee merchants, rue Gamel-el-Banat, Cairo
Nazaretian & Co, cigar importers, 2-4 rue Anastassi, Alexandria
Nazaretian, Artin N & Son, cigarette manufacturers, 4 rue du 1st Khedive, Alexandria
Nazaretian, Artin N & Son, grain merchants, 4 rue 1st Khedive, Alexandria
Ovaghimian, J A, commercial agents, 2 rue hopital Egyptien, Alexandria
Roupinian, L, commercial agents, 25 bis rue Maghraby, Cairo
Saboudjian, Onnig, commercial agents, 9 rue Colucci Pacha, Alexandria
Sarkis, Dr Ph., medicines, 9 rue Nubar Pacha, Cairo
Sarkissian, Kevork & Son, cigarette manufacturers, rue de la Poste, Alexandria
Sesenian, H M, Egyptian Cigarettes & Tobacco Stores, 65 rue Faggalah, Cairo
Sexenian, H M, Egyptian Cigarettes & Tobacco Stores, 19 bld Saad Zaghloul, Alexandria
Tchaylakian, H A & Co, Eastern Printing & Can Company, rue Terra-el-Boulakia (Kolali), Cairo
Tcherkezian, Abraham, timber importers, 5 rue Souk el-Attarine, Alexandria
Tcherkezian, Daniel, pharmacists, 5 rue de France, Alexandria
Tutundjian, A & Brothers, cigarette manufacturers, 18 rue Ancienne Bourse, Alexandria
Yeramian, Bedros & Kirkor Aghlaghanian, furs & skins, Jardin Rossetti, Cairo

See the accompanying GoogleMap for the Armenians in Egypt.