Prominent Armenians in eastern Anatolia vilayets, 1891 (part 2)

This blog post is a continuation of an earlier post containing entries for Armenian professionals and tradesmen extracted from a French-language trade directory for the year 1891. Please see the earlier post for background.

The caveat emptor that other Eastern Christians (such as Chaldeans and Syriacs) may have slipped in among the intended Armenians is particularly pertinent for this second post, which covers the vilayet of Diyarbakır. The Google Map shows the location of the places in question.

Thomas Boyadjian, named in the Diyarbakır listing as the British Vice-Consul, died at some date between December 1894 and June 1896, during the Hamidian massacres in Diyarbakır. His widow Eliza Ann née Rogers (1846-1923) and two children Isabella (Zabelle) Catherine (1873-1957) and Henry Samuel Rogers Boyagian (1875-1947) moved to England in 1896. Their Armenian surname was rendered variously as Boyadjian, Boyagian and Boyajian in English.


Diarbekir vilayet

Dikranagerd (Diyarbakır)

Abdalian, Nerses, manufacturer
Abidian, Yahcop, builder
Adamian, -, carpenter
Adjamian, Boghos, merchant
Adjamian, O, carpenter
Aludjian, Garabet, coppersmith
Alyanak, Thomas, merchant
Amassian effendi, head of international postal and telegram service
Asadourian, Hah., coppersmith
Ashitchian, Garabet, coppersmith
Asori, Agop, coppersmith
Atarian, B, bootmaker
Baboyan, Iaukhman, coppersmith
Baboyan, Thomas, tailor
Baghdasarian, Mardiros, bootmaker
Bakalian, Hovsep, jeweller
Basmadjian, A, bootmaker
Bedrossian, Garabet, builder
Bedrossian, Ohannes, builder
Berberian, Bedros, glassmaker
Berberian, Thomas, bootmaker
Beuredjian, V, agent of the tobacco board
Boghos effendi, lawyer
Boghossian, Daniel, builder
Boulutian, Thomas, leather manufacturer
Boyadjian, H, merchant
Boyadjian, Melcon, merchant
Boyadjian, Ohannes, merchant
Boyadjian, Thomas, British Vice-Consul for Kurdistan (vilayets of Diarbekir, Erzeroum & Van)
Boyajian, G, dentist
Bundukian, Hovsep, pharmacist
Calustian, Egh., barber
Cazezian, Houssep & Djabour, merchants
Chakalian, Bedros, tailor
Changalian, Boghos, goldsmith
Chekerledmedjian, H, glassmaker
Chirigdjian, D, glassmaker
Chouboukdjian, Bedros effendi, city doctor
Chouldjian, Thomas, carpenter
Chuldjian, Sar., coppersmith
Couyoumdjian, Agop, merchant
Couyoumdjian, Garabet, watchmaker
Couyoumdjian, Mig., watchmaker
Dabaghian, B, bootmaker
Dashtchian, Hovsep, manufacturer
Dashtchian, Ohannes, manufacturer
Delalian, Miguirditch, manufacturer
Derderian, Agop, barber
Derderian, Thomas, bootmaker
Devedjian, Ohannes, tailor
Dicranian, -, glassmaker
Dilberian, Kevork, leather manufacturer
Djerahian, Guiragos, tailor
Djizmedjian, Thomas, tailor
Djkhsetsi, Ohannes, goldsmith
Donjian, Dikran, watchmaker
Doshoyan, Garabet, leather manufacturer
Doujian, Boghos, jeweller
Doujian, M, jeweller
Eeriklian, Ohannes, barber
Faldjian, Kirkor, watchmaker
Ferakian, Oussep, priest of Armenian Catholic Church
Fouroundjian, Giragos , carpenter
Fouroundjian, Ishah, leather manufacturer
Futnian, Hosvep, coppersmith
Garabedian, Agop, builder
Garabedian, D, carpenter
Garabedian, Eva, milliner & dressmaker
Garabedian, S, leather manufacturer
Garge, Agop, carpenter
Guiragos effendi, lawyer
Hagopian, M, tobacco manufacturer
Hakiamian, Giragos & M, carpenters
Hakian, Ohannes, pharmacist
Hakian, T, pharmacist
Hakimian, N, money changer
Halubian, Boghos, bootmaker
Hannayan, Garabed, carpenter
Hanoushian, Y, builder
Hekimian, Hovsep, bootmaker
Helvadjian, G, bootmaker
Helvadjian, Ohannes, coppersmith
Hurmzian, Hanna, glassmaker
Ihrban, Sarkis, carpenter
Ilbanian, Ohannes, merchant
Kahvedjian, Ohannes, watchmaker
Kal, Aroush, tailor
Kalfaian, O, goldsmith
Kalusdian, Erm., coppersmith
Kasabian, B, manufacturer
Kasparian, Agop, watchmaker
Kasparian, Asdvadzadur, builder
Kechichian, Agop, tailor
Kechichian, Mikail & Naoum, merchants
Keshishian, K, money changer
Keshishian, O & B, manufacturers
Khachadourian, Stepan, builder
Khalfa, Agop, carpenter
Khalfaian, Agop, builder
Khandanian, Bedros, merchant
Khdershian, E & G, manufacturers
Khunadjian, G, goldsmith
Kilidjian, Mardiros, pharmacist
Kior Eghoyan, Boghos, grocer
Kiradjian, Kevork, tailor
Kirkorian, Garabet, coppersmith
Kostian, Hovsep, tailor
Kumrahi, Agop, tobacco manufacturer
Kurkdjian, Boulus, money changer
Kurkdjian, Pet. , pharmacist
Kurk-Keseli, Kircor, wine merchant
Lagiagian, B, leather manufacturer
Laglagian, Erm., carpenter
Lalo, Boghos, grocer
Luladjian, Naoum, money changer
Mandaldjian, T, merchant
Mangassarian, B, merchant
Mangoushian, A, goldsmith
Manilian, G, money changer
Manoukian, A, builder
Mildusian, A, goldsmith
Minassian, M, manufacturer
Minassian, Ohannes, merchant
Minassian, Tom., manufacturer
Mouradian, A, pharmacist
Mouradian, David, goldsmith
Mouradian, Sarkis, merchant
Murdjan, Hovsep, tailor
Nakashian, O, bootmaker
Palandjian, G & H, leather manufacturers
Palazian, H, bootmaker
Paluli, Giragos, carpenter
Paluli, Tatos, merchant
Palulian, Ohannes, bootmaker
Papasian, Agop, barber
Papasian, Ohannes, tailor
Papazian, Habib, glassmaker
Papazian, Ohannes, priest of Armenian Apostolic Church
Pardakhdjian, K, leather manufacturer
Parsekian, Agop, carpenter
Paushmanian, Thomas, coppersmith
Pirindjian, Garabed, doctor
Prindjian, E, goldsmith
Puchmanian, Haroutioun, merchant
Rahanian, Kirkor, tailor
Rumian, B, bootmaker
Rusiatsi, Garabed, bootmaker
Saboundjian, Ohannes, glassmaker
Sahaghian, Kaspar, builder
Samoyan, Bedros, money changer
Samoyan, Ohannes, wine merchant
Sarkisian, Mardik, barber
Sasounli, Kirkor, grocer
Sayrakian, Btrus, glassmaker
Shirikdjian, A, merchant
Silivanian, K, coppersmith
Simsarian, Agop, watchmaker
Simsarian, Ghiragos, merchant
Stepanian, M, goldsmith
Tachdjian, Thomas, consular agent for Persia
Tashtchian, Thomas, merchant
Tatarian, T, pharmacist
Tchouldjian, Ohannes, barber
Tehradjian, S, merchant
Terfandjian, Migrditch, merchant
Tokhadjian, Garabed, leather manufacturer
Tomasian, Giragos, builder
Tomasian, H, barber
Tomassian, Hovhanes, leather manufacturer
Topouzian, Egh. , leather manufacturer
Toprahanian, Garabed, manufacturer
Toufangdjian, Rafo, grocer
Uvaz, Ohannes, grocer
Yocoubian, I, leather manufacturer


Amborian, Raphael, porcelain & glassmaker
Arguenlian, Krikor, watchmaker
Aroytian, Toros, manufacturer
Der Sahakoglou, Bedros, town pharmacist
Elvanian, Ohannes, draper
Garabetian, Raphael, founder
Garabetian, Sarkis, manufacturer
Karpoutli, Garabet, watchmaker
Kenderian, Elias, porcelain & glassmaker
Konduradjian, Hanna, shoemaker
Mehanadjian, D, wine seller
Melcon, Armenian Catholic Archbishop

Ergani (Arghni)

Aizounberberoglou, Meg., barber
Alexanian, Bedros, copper mine operator
Alexanian, Garabet, pharmacist
Attarian, Kevork, apothecary
Boulboulian, Sarkis, merchant
Der Samuelian, -, tailor
Donabedian, H, copper mine operator
Garabet, Alexan, apothecary
Karpoutli, Capriel, shoemaker
Karpoutli, Mateos, shoemaker
Karpoutli, Meg., shoemaker
Karpoutli, Minas, shoemaker
Kazarossian, A, toolmaker
Keirkan, Boghos, tailor
Madenli, Avedis, barber
Madenli, Kevork, barber
Madenli, Melcon, jeweller
Mouradian, Garabet, copper mine operator
Mouradoglu, Garabet, founder
Santourdjian, A, merchant
Sarragian, M, copper mine operator